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Testimonial 1


He is really amazing! He is very thorough and listen to everything I have to say. I would highly recommend him. I go to him for Laser hair removal and for Botox treatments for excessive sweating. I am also a big fan of the products they sell in the office. I love the Glycolic Cleanser and the Elta moisturizer.


Cari, 42, New York, NY

Testimonial 2


He is very professional and straight to the point. Very little chit chat, but just enough to be friendly. I've been going to him for several years now, He placed me on Accutane which helped eliminate my problematic Acne then followed the treatment course with regularly scheduled chemical peels and I could not be happier with the results.


Ericka, 42, Jersey City, NJ

Testimonial 3


He did Botox injections on my underarm areas to reduce excessive sweating that regular anti-perspirants couldn't control, his staff made sure my insurance would cover all the cost! He was funny and explained everything thoroughly. I also go to him for my chemical peels which helped minimize my pores. Highly recommend him!


Heidi, 38, Woodside, NY

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