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Dermatological Care

Park Plaza Dermatology offers dermatological care for adults and children:

Acne/Cysts                                                            Genital Warts/ Herpes
Shaving irritations                                              STD's
Acne scar/ Blemishes                                        Hair Loss/ Alopecia
Skin rashes/ Allergies                                        Itchy skin
Rosacea                                                                 Excessive Sweating
Eczema                                                                   Psoriasis
Fungal Conditions                                              Seborrhea
Scalp Conditions/Melasma                             Jock Itch
Skin Tags/ Skin Growths                                  Skin Cancer Screenings
Moles/ Warts                                                       Ingrown Hair/ Shaving Bumps
Nail Disorders                                                      Kelloids/ Scars
Sun Protective Counseling                              Routine Skin Evaluation

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