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Park Plaza Dermatology offers dermatological care for adults and children:

Acne/Cysts                                                      Genital Warts/ Herpes

Shaving irritations                                          STD's

Acne scar/ Blemishes                                    Hair Loss/ Alopecia

Skin rashes/ Allergies                                    Itchy skin

Rosacea                                                            Excessive Sweating

Eczema                                                             Psoriasis

Fungal Conditions                                           Seborrhea

Scalp Conditions/Melasma                            Jock Itch

Skin Tags/ Skin Growths                                 Skin Cancer Screenings

Moles/ Warts                                                    Ingrown Hair/ Shaving Bumps

Nail Disorders                                                  Kelloids/ Scars

Sun Protective Counseling                             Routine Skin Evaluation

We offer a choice of FDA approved fillers that lessen or eliminate wrinkles, deep facial lines, restore and volumize facial structures, lips and smooth out acne scars. Results are immediate with minimal or no downtime. 

Glycolic Acid Peels & Salicylic Acid Peels help  exfoliate skin, including oily, acne prone skin and blemishes. These peels are used to rejuvenate skin texture. Skin appears smoother, brighter and healthier. Pain free with no downtime. 

Skin Cancer Treatment

Mole and Skin Growth Removals 

Cosmetic Excisions


Sclerotherapy/ Spider Vein Treatment


Lasers for hair removal help remove unwanted hair from the face and body. Used on all skin types with no downtime.

Lasers for vascular lesions help remove broken capillaries, red spots and decrease the appearance of rosacea.

Lasers for pigmented lesions help remove freckles and sunspots on sun damaged skin.

FDA approved, Botox and other muscle relaxers helps to minimize unwanted wrinkle lines on the forehead and crow's feet lines which are located on the sides of the eyes. 

By using Botox and other FDA approved products, we can lift the corners of the eyebrows. Botox is used to treat excessive sweating under the arms. Administration of Botox is pain free with no downtime.

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