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We now require your Pharmacy* information and highly encourage providing us with a valid email address** to add to your record.


Patient Portal: (MODERNIZING MEDICINE)- email address required


We now utilize an Electronic Health Record System (EHR/EMR) to keep patient records. THe state now mandates practices utilizing EHR to provide access to patients in order for them to view their records online. Our practice provides our patients a secure access to their online record by providing them a unique username and password: 


Next time you visit our office, please make sure you ask our receptionist for your unique username and password.

With your access to your own personal medical record you are allowed to perform the following tasks:

- View, download and print progress notes, lab results and patient education materials regarding your condition.

- Update demographic information, such as your phone number, address, insurance information etc.

- Update your favorite pharmacy information to ensure that your prescriptions are sent to the right pharmacy.

- Direct Communication with the provider and staff.


Already have your username and password? CLICK HERE to log-in to our EHR system


Patient Portal: (CARECLOUD) - email address required


Our Practice Management and Billing System (PMS) also allows for patients to have access to their financial information and scheduling. Aside from the access provided for patient records, access to our PMS will allow you to:

-schedule appointments online

-view your balances, print statements and send payments.


ZOCDOC - account sign-up with Zocdoc required.


If you are signed up with ZOCDOC, you can schedule appointments straight into our practice management system. See available appointments in our different locations. CLICK HERE if you already have an account with ZOCDOC. Please make sure you give us Insurance information before completing an online appointment request.


*providing us with your favorite pharmacy information will ensure the fastest and safest way to transmit your prescriptions electronically.

**a valid email address is required to have access to our EHR and PMS portals. Your email address becomes part of your protected health information (PHI) and will only be used by our practice to conduct transfer of information related to your health record. Email addresses will NOT be shared or sold.



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